Foreign Outlets

Infection and Repression: BangladeshColumbia Journalism ReviewSep, 20
Coronavirus exposes the deep divide in Bangladeshi societyThe TelegraphJun, 20
Covid-19 infections are rising fast in Bangladesh, India and PakistanThe EconomistJun, 20
Migrant workers on weeks-long strike in Lebanon close to deal with employerAl Arabiya EnglishMay, 20
For Bangladesh, not recognizing Israel is a moral choice, above allHaaretzMay, 20
A $3 Covid-19 rapid kit by Bangladesh’s leading health centre is stuck in a bureaucratic quagmire
ScrollMay, 20
Aggarwal speaksNetra NewsDec, 20
Shahidul Alam on Bangladesh govt’s crackdown: ‘Where sycophancy is norm, truth is viewed as a sickness’FirstPostDec, 18
Bangladesh: Concerns Over Free Speech Continue With Opposition-Linked Lawyer’s ArrestThe WireOct, 18
Bangladesh retaliates with stern law even as editors protest repressive legislation curtailing press freedomFirstPostOct, 18
In Bangladesh, a Secular Icon and the Centre-Right Opposition Join HandsThe WireOct, 18
Sheikh Hasina’s dismissal of ‘termites’ remarks aside, India-Bangladesh ties face acid test ahead of General ElectionsFirstPostOct, 18
Calm returns to Dhaka as students’ protests dwindleFirstPostOct, 18
Bangladesh Cabinet approves new draft transport law after massive protests; photographer’s arrest sparks global outrageFirstPostAug, 18
China embraces possibilities as Trump looks inward [Reproduced]Philippine Daily InquirerNov 17
How education and training have changed the online experience for Bangladeshi womenThe HinduNov, 17
Why Women Migrant Workers Are Compelled to Come BackIPS NewsJul, 18

Domestic Outlet

The media in a bubbleDhaka TribuneNov 23, 2016Opinion
Where have they gone?Dhaka TribuneJan 17, 2017Opinion
Should Bangladesh do more to support the Palestinian cause?Star Weekend/The Daily StarMar 24, 2017Opinion
Anandabazar’s alt-journalismStar Weekend/The Daily StarApr 7, 2017Opinion
Hoodwinking gullible jobseekersStar Weekend/The Daily StarMay 5, 2017Report
No room for the forgotten: Dalit community at Ganaktuli Colony on the verge of evictionStar Weekend/The Daily StarMay 26, 2017Cover Story/ Report
Deal or no dealStar Weekend/The Daily StarJun 02, 2017Opinion
What has Jeremy Corbyn done?Star Weekend/The Daily StarJun 16, 2017Opinion
Man with no numerical understanding holds top financial job for yearsStar Weekend/The Daily StarJun 23, 2017Satire
Did UNESCO really “endorse” Rampal coal plant?Star Weekend/The Daily StarJul 14, 2017Analysis/ Report
Cashing in [on] fake newsThe Daily StarJul 19, 2017Opinion
Korail slum dwellers: Perennially punishedStar Weekend/The Daily StarJul 21, 2017Analysis/
No, Mr Macron, anti-Zionism isn’t necessarily anti-SemitismThe Daily StarJul 23, 2017Opinion
Translating Donald speakStar Weekend/The Daily StarJul 28, 2017Musing/ Satire
DU vs NU: Students caught in the crossfireThe Daily StarJul 29, 2017Analysis/ Opinion
Taking moral responsibility for Tufan’s misdeedsThe Daily StarAug 05, 2017Opinion
Youth potential stifled by adultsThe Daily StarAug 12, 2017Opinion
If Rohingyas were HinduThe Daily Star/Star WeekendAug 18, 2017Opinion
What about the fourth estate?The Daily StarAug 20, 2017Opinion
BCS and a demographic chaosThe Daily StarAug 26, 2017Opinion
What hope is there for Rohingya women and children?The Daily StarSep 26, 2017Opinion
Private tutoring isn’t the problem, our education system isThe Daily StarOct 02, 2017Opinion
Is the press as free as Modi’s regime would like us to believe?Star Weekend/The Daily StarOct 06, 2017Opinion
The DUCSU conundrumThe Daily StarOct 09, 2017Opinion
Subodh never runs awayThe Daily StarOct 18, 2017Opinion
When PayPal didn’t come to townThe Daily StarOct 30, 2017Analysis
“Subodh” artist arrestedStar Weekend/The Daily StarNov 03, 2017Satire
Urban chaosThe Daily StarNov 06, 2017Opinion
China embraces possibilities as Trump looks inwardThe Daily StarNov 14Analysis
Why scarcity of data should worry usThe Daily StarNov 29Analysis
Bangla Academy: Custodian of Bengali language for 62 yearsThe Daily Star | In FocusDec 11, 2017Feature
Lifting the fog on disappearanceThe Daily StarOpEd
Spot the VCStar WeekendSatire/ Analysis
Events that defined 2017The Daily Star | Supplement
Facebook’s threats to the social fabricThe Daily StarOpEd
The rise of tycoons in politicsThe Daily StarOpinion
Enabling political bulliesThe Daily StarOpinion
The state of our student politicsThe Daily StarAnalysis
Will EU become chief peace negotiator?The Daily StarAnalysis
Shahidullah, a linguist and language activistThe Daily Star | In FocusFeature
Rural social fabric shattered by politicsThe Daily StarOp-Ed
No dove in the White HouseThe Daily StarAnalysis
How do we stop cruelty towards children?The Daily StarOp-Ed
Combating our fake news problemThe Daily StarAnalysis
What has changed since the Spectrum disaster?The Daily StarInterview
A law to gag your online freedomThe Daily Star | WeekendAnalysis
The quota movement signals an underlying discontentThe Daily StarAnalysis
Why Bangladesh’s inequality is likely to riseThe Daily StarAnalysis
Efficacy of the anti-drug warThe Daily StarAnalysis
Our environmental saviour?The Daily Star | WeekendReport
Why digitising our public services is so importantThe Daily StarAnalysis
Prioritising effective social safety net projectsThe Daily StarOp-Ed
The race between ‘development’ and ‘justice’The Daily StarAnalysis
What does the US-China trade war mean for Bangladesh?The Daily StarAnalysis
Defining Tajuddin’s place in historyThe Daily StarFeature
An uneven battlefieldThe Daily StarAnalysis
How an unrestricted press could help assuage violenceThe Daily StarAnalysis
A devastating assault on our national securityThe Daily StarOp Ed
A curious case of ‘extortion’The Daily StarOp Ed
The rise of the super-richThe Daily StarAnalysis
Will the ‘National Unity Process’ succeed?The Daily StarAnalysis
August 21 verdict and its implications for BNPThe Daily StarAnalysis
A rocky road ahead for OikyafrontThe Daily StarAnalysis
How will the coalition politics pan out?The Daily StarAnalysis
After the dialogue, now what?The Daily StarAnalysis
What rocks Hefajat’s boat?The Daily StarAnalysis
EC seems to be in denial of ground realitiesThe Daily StarAnalysis
Nitpicking over nominationsThe Daily StarAnalysis
The effect of partisan policingThe Daily StarAnalysis
Choking social media is not the answerThe Daily StarOp Ed
Loan default increases because of bad managementThe Daily StarInterview
Vigilante justice or what?The Daily StarOp Ed
Tax the richThe Daily StarOp Ed
From victims to villains: The changing discourse on RohingyasThe Daily Star | WeekendOp Ed
Social media and fake news: The beginning of the end?The Daily Star | WeekendOp Ed
ফিলিস্তিন প্রশ্নে ইসরায়েলি ইহুদিরা যা ভাবেProthom AloOp Ed
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