Will The Daily Star and Mahfuz Anam Survive the “Anamosity”?

The Daily Star, Mahfuz Anam, Press Freedom in Bangladesh
Nazmul works as a communications officer with a leading corporate group. He worked for several years as a journalist, notably with The Daily Star, Bangladesh.

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  1. It’s really interesting how things can be twisted using the right words. For instance, the news outlet you indicated to has always, in every ‘report’ and ‘opinion’ piece about Mahfuz Anam it so far published, stated that he ‘confessed’ to having published the materials, whereas the appropriate description of what happened in the talk show should be that, as you mentioned, Mahfuz Anam regretted having run those stories. Two things are different. By focusing on the so-called ‘confession’ part, the website used a selective aspect of a large issue against Mahfuz Anam, which itself showed the website’s “grudges” against him.

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Nazmul Ahasan is a journalist and commentator based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.