Nazmul Ahasan is a reporter with Bloomberg News.

Originally from Bangladesh, he is currently based in Washington D.C., editing news stories from South and Southeast Asian nations.

He graduated from UC Berkeley đŸ» Graduate School of Journalism with a concentration on data and investigative journalism.

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BODY COUNT: Extrajudicial Executions in Bangladesh

After Sheikh Hasina reascended to power more than a decade ago, Bangladesh’s security forces killed at least 2,597 people in apparent extrajudicial executions, custodial torture, and by firing bullets at protesters, according to a Netra News analysis of data documented by Bangladeshi human rights researchers between 2009 and 2022.
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In a small French town where Houston-based LyondellBasell is a fixture, residents complain of unending pollution

People living on the east side of Harris County, Texas, have an unlikely bond with residents of Berre-l’Étang in southern France: They all inhale toxic chemicals from plants owned by LyondellBasell, one of the world’s largest petrochemical companies.
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A map of the U.S. by counties where population grew or declined.

Pandemic Population Boom in Rural Hotspots Sparks Resentment

Rural America is booming, but the population growth that’s boosting local economies is also putting a strain on everything from schools to housing and roads.
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Internet entrepreneurs far from the U.S. are inflaming political division on Facebook to sell T-shirts and coffee mugs

The Chronicle uncovered an extraordinary new set of players in the battle: Internet entrepreneurs in developing countries who take advantage of Western political division — and inflame it — with the sole aim of juicing sales of customized T-shirts, mugs, tumblers, ball caps, tote bags, pillows and phone cases, with the profits shared by American companies.
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Analysis | Bangladesh’s Police Brutality Problem

While the United States undeniably has a police brutality problem, and its police departments have been guilty of countless murders—disproportionately targeting Black men—there is a crucial difference between police violence in the United States and Bangladesh.


UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism | Berkeley, CA
Aug 2021 - May 2023
Graduated with a master’s degree in journalism with a focus on investigative and data journalism.


Global Shining Light Awards Certificate of Excellence by Global Investigative Journalism Network, 2023
2022 SAJA Scholarship by South Asian Journalists Association, 2022
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